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Episode Archive

Episode Archive

37 episodes of On Belief: A Podcast About Cults since the first episode, which aired on April 19th, 2019.

  • Episode 217: Glynn Washington on Heaven's Gate

    January 14th, 2020  |  Season 2  |  14 mins 54 secs

    Glynn Washington, host of Snap Judgement and producer/host of the Heaven's Gate podcast joins me to discuss why he decided to revisit Heaven's Gate and his own story of growing up in a cult.

  • Episode 216: XXXXXXX

    January 7th, 2020  |  Season 2  |  15 mins 28 secs

    Last season, we explored LGATs. This season, my guest Kate* joins me to go behind the curtain of the original LGAT and tells us about a frightening experience she had
    *not her real name

  • Episode 215: Soka Gakkai International with Juana Castanheira PART TWO

    January 1st, 2020  |  Season 2  |  15 mins 37 secs

    Juana Castanheira joins me for another episode to talk candidly about her recovery from SGI, MLMs, and TM.

  • Episode 214: Jon Atack

    December 17th, 2019  |  Season 2  |  21 mins

    Jon Atack is the author of the definitive history of the Scientology organization (Let's Sell Them A Piece of Blue Sky ISBN 1482023032)

    Since the publication of that book and the legal battles that followed, Jon has helped people who have left cults re-integrate and now has a YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI4tcSMV2kEh3BooY_XFSYQ

  • Episode 213: Overcoming Cult Trauma With Psychedelics

    December 10th, 2019  |  Season 2  |  15 mins 40 secs

    Chelsea Lockwood joins me to discuss her journey out of the Jehovah's Witnesses and overcoming that trauma with the help of Ayahuasca.

  • Episode 212: Abusive Relationships with Donna Anderson

    December 3rd, 2019  |  Season 2  |  16 mins 8 secs

    Donna Anderson of LoveFraud (lovefraud.com) joins me to discuss the similarities between how abusers target and string along mates and how cults recruit followers.

  • Episode 211: New Kadampa Tradition

    November 26th, 2019  |  Season 2  |  16 mins 38 secs

    Dr Michelle Haslam joins me to explain why even someone with high level psychological training can get swept into a high demand group

  • Episode 210: The Work

    November 19th, 2019  |  Season 2  |  16 mins 16 secs

    What's it like to be born into a group that believes in a biblical Armageddon prophecy and that their leader is God on Earth? My guest Sarah Ficca explains

  • Episode 209: Tony Ortega

    November 12th, 2019  |  Season 2  |  20 mins 26 secs

    For years, Tony Ortega has been relentlessly covering the Church of Scientology. He has made some powerful enemies. Find out what it's like to be one of Scientology's biggest enemies.

  • Episode 208: Transcendental Meditation (TM)

    November 5th, 2019  |  Season 2  |  15 mins 40 secs

    Aryeh Siegel, author of Transcendental Deception (0999661507) joins me to describe his time in the TM movement and why you should not allow your school to welcome TM practitioners.

  • Episode 207: Steve Hassan

    October 29th, 2019  |  Season 2  |  59 mins 48 secs


    Cult Survivor and Cult Expert Steve Hassan joins me for a full hour to discuss his latest book The Cult of Trump: A Leading Cult Expert Explains How the President Uses Mind Control ( ISBN 1982127333) and why we should be more concerned about Manchurian Candidates in the future.

  • Episode 206: Tara Yoga

    October 22nd, 2019  |  Season 2  |  15 mins 22 secs


    Not many people think by signing up for Yoga classes, they could be putting themselves at risk of joining a high demand group, but the story of Tara Yoga is one of bait and switch from the word go.

  • Episode 205: Soka Gakkai International with Juana Castanheira

    October 15th, 2019  |  Season 2  |  1 hr 5 mins

    Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō. It's a chant you may have heard, and you may have thought it was part of regular Buddhist practice. It's actually a chant that's the cornerstone of a group called Soka Gakkai International

  • Episode 204: OneTaste With Ellen Huet and Ruwan Meepagala

    October 8th, 2019  |  Season 2  |  15 mins 30 secs

    OneTaste started with a simple but powerful mission: to teach women to receive pleasure without any hang ups or need to reciprocate. What ended up happening to many who joined the organization has left them wondering if their consent was ever fully given.

  • Episode 203: Munchausen By Proxy With Dr. Marc Feldman and Judy Tienken

    October 1st, 2019  |  Season 2  |  14 mins 57 secs

    Coercive thought control doesn't just happen in cults or cult-like groups. In cases like Munchausen By Proxy, it's complete, abusive control by a mother over her children.

  • Episode 202: Cult Therapy with Rachel Bernstein

    September 24th, 2019  |  Season 2  |  15 mins 13 secs

    Most people think De-Programming is the only method to work with ex-cult members, but Rachel Bernstein, a licensed family therapist, specializes in therapy for family members and survivors of cults.