Episode 207

Steve Hassan


October 29th, 2019

59 mins 48 secs

Season 2

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Special Guest

About this Episode

Steven Hassan was once in the Unification Church, helping recruit and spread their thought reform. He was exit counselled and has since dedicated his life to the study of thought reform. He created the BITE model which explains how thought reform occurs and now counsels survivors and families on how to heal after leaving cults.

Steve joins me for an hour to discuss:

  • How the CIA went about trying to build a Manchurian Candidate in the 1960s
  • How Trump's parental ties and upbringing made him into an ideal person to lead a cult
  • How Trump found himself controlled by the only people who would lend him money after his business failures
  • How Evangelicals and Fundamentalists can support a man who has been immoral most of his life
  • What significance NLP played in Trump's election strategy
  • How groups like The Family will ensure that candidates like Trump will be there for them
  • And more...
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